Luis Jones : Art Director and Graphic Designer : 214.517.4874 |​​​​​​​m 
I design print, digital and develop creative concepts
My print experience: I have experience designing print from working in Houston from 1998 to 2010. I designed everything from billboards, tradeshow graphics, brochures, corporate collateral, playbills, POPs, some packaging to name a few. Some of my clients were HP, Special Olympics Texas, Exxon, Continental Airlines, Sherlock’s Pub, Houston Metro amongst others. I did the rebranding of Stanford financial. I did a lot diversity and corporate work. I can take a print project from concept to design to buying the printing to doing press checks and delivering to the client. I won 8 design awards during this time for my work for a broad range of clients.
My digital experience: In 2010, I moved to Dallas and worked at a digital agency called IMC2. I was a conceptual web designer working with Fortune 500 brands like Pizza Hut, Olay, and Sarah Lee. I learned about web design, end-user experience, and UX/UI working there. Aside from designing websites, I also designed web banner campaigns, emails, and ECRM campaigns for Fortune 500 brands. I was also part of the new business development team. We’d develop concepts for Fortune 500 clients. I designed the Pizza Hut homepage, which we pitched as a new business web concept. I won a WEBBY Honoree award for Sherlock’s Pub website. I taught myself responsive web design when that became a thing and went back to designing concepts for agencies. When I was in Atlanta not too long ago, I designed two promotional websites for Hartgard for MSL Group. I also design wireframes and have UX/UI experience. All my digital campaigns have had some social media components. Currently, I’m working on redesign/revisions using XD for a client that has an online training website.
Concept/campaign development: I graduated from college at 28 after serving in the Army for 4 years. I started devising campaign concepts early in my career and pitched to clients. At Sykes Communications, I came up with a Hispanic campaign for Metro that encourages Hispanics to try Metro with destination goals like the zoo and the art museum. At another small agency I worked in Houston, I won an award for the Houston Dog Show: “Rated PG despite all the heavy petting” and “More big hair than a Texas beauty pageant”. I co-wrote those concepts. I designed and conceptualized all of Stanford Financial’s rebrand. When I was in San Antonio, I worked for a firm that marketed to alumni groups. I came up with a 3D glasses campaign for University of Arizona alumni asking for donations. Lastly, I designed a campaign for DFW airport to encourage downloading the app: “Find over 60 places to park in one click” and “Download, Click, and Park”. The whole campaign’s point was the simplicity of getting the app in a few steps and the awesome payoff in just a few clicks. Back then, apps were new. Overall, I’ve spent most of my career devising creative concepts and strategies for a lot agencies. All total, I won 13 design awards.